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Greece’s natural environment and climatic conditions offer the country one of the richest varieties of agricultural species with over 1700 endemic plants across its flora. That is why our faith in Greece’s natural environment led us to the establishment of a company whose purpose is the rational exploitation of agricultural production.

The creation of the first apiary in Attica in 2009 was one of our company’s first steps. In 2012, facilities were installed for the planting of Aronia in the mountains of Etoloakarnania. Since then, we have gathered a sufficient amount of producers/coworkers whose mission is to produce, standardize and offer top quality Greek agricultural products with high nutritional value to the global market.

As a result, we created our first standardization unit for honey, olive oil and wine.


Today, the growth of our product offering is continuous with new additions of a high-quality standard. Furthermore, tens of autonomous producers, corporations and production teams from all over Greece (Crete, Messinia, Carditsa, Etoloarkarnania, Viotia, Phiotida, Serres and Arcadia) participate in our trials to readjust the level and quality of production by implementing integrated rurally-operated production systems and biologically certifying their crops.

Our Facilities

That is what led us to the establishment of our Bottling factory in Gerakas of Attica which is the pinpoint of Greece’s agricultural wealth due to its geographical location. Our certified facilities have been designed to provide the ideal environment in which the bottling takes place adhering to strict health and quality standards (FSSC 22000, ISO 22000:2005 και PAS 220:2008).



Our development is continuous, resulting in a variety of new crops. We emphasize on expansion and improvement of existing crops whilst also taking advantage of centenarian olive gardens and the lands of our ancestors. Additionally, in line with our vision to create a complete network of primary production and processing, units are being constructed in other prefectures of Greece.

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