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    Athenaeus of Naucratis lived in the late 2nd to early 3rd century AD. He was an ancient Greek biologist, botanist, zoologist, gastronome, dietician, rhetorician and grammarian from Naucratis of Egypt. He lived in Alexandria and later in Rome.

    His main work was the Deipnosophistae, which is the best source of information currently available on the nutrition and gastronomy of the ancient Greeks.

    Comparing these ancient with our current culinary habits, one can conclude that the agricultural products harvested in Greece are remarkably timeless: This land has produced high quality food products such as wine, honey and oil for thousands of years, offering nutrition, health and taste to generation after generation of humans who have lived and been fed from this blessed land.

    This finding thus made us adopt the work and philosophy of Athenaeus, trying to share with the global community the richness and quality of the products of the Greek land.

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