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Thyme Honey

Great taste and aroma of pure Greek honey. Perfect quality standardized in completely controlled sanitary conditions, is the best choice for every use.
Packaged in jars of 300g.


Conifer Honey

An excellent, genuine honey collected exclusively from Greek conifer forests. Its very slow crystallization due to high conductivity, as well as its gentle flavor make it an ideal honey for many uses. A honey loved by children, but also by grown-ups for its perfection through simplicity.
Packaged in jars of 300g.


Blossom Honey

From Greek nature and its unique flowers, many of which are endemic only in our country, we respectfully collected their sweetness and aroma. We offer it to you in the certainty that your will enjoy its quality and the fragrance of Greece it exudes.
Packaged in jars of 300g.


Conifer Honey Sticks

The perfect combination of originality, quality and functionality.
We offer a delicious,pure Greek conifer honey of highest quality with a high conductivity indicator to prevent crystallization. It is packaged sticks of 8gr which have been designed specifically for food safety, and which are slitted on the side in order to facilitate easy opening, contained in a luxury single box of 100 pieces. The box's intricate construction (with one move it is transformed into a durable, practical serving stand), makes our product ideal for foodservice.
Packaged in sticks of 8gr, 100 pieces per luxury box

Refiller box
The honey sticks of 8 gr are also available in an attractive, durable economic package of 100 pieces. It serves as a refiller for the luxury box in order to reduce overall costs, but can also be used independently if you choose to serve the sticks in your own container or per piece.

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