Olive Oil

Riza Zoe

Olive Oil

In Greek culture, olive oil is a vital element of our diet. Riza Zoe is our premium extra virgin olive oil of the Manaki Variety with rich taste characteristics. It is harvested and cold-extracted at Kalentzi of Corinth, and packaged in the most unique way.
Available in bottles of 200ml, 250ml and 500ml

Riza Zoe

Root of Life

Riza Zoe in Greek means Root of Life.
The olive tree is a symbol of civilization and culture all around the Mediterranean Region. In order to be more fruitful, olive trees are pruned, and the cut off branches are used as a fireplace fuel.
However, inside of discarding these branches, we saw the opportunity to create a unique type of packaging which reunites the olive oil with the branch it came from. This is our way to protect and cherish what we love.


The Video



Olive Wood Bottles

Olive wood is one of the hardest woods to process. However, the result is unique. Each Riza Zoe bottle is a handcrafted masterpiece due to its individual wood characteristics.
A tree hollow or an olive drop design is crafted on each bottle which allows visual contact with EVOO. Each bottle is completely unique.

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